Monster Mash: Coach x Gary Baseman

Attempting to rebrand, Coach has just launched a collaboration with artist Gary Baseman. Before the addition of clothing last fall, I felt Coach as a whole to be very bland and boring. The bags were very basic and nothing special until lately. Adding the full clothing line, Coach is looking more towards fashion trends trying to revamp its image. The Baseman collection features pastel colored leather bags with creepy cute creatures from the artist. The line also includes leather jackets, dresses, and sandals along with some key chains and phone cases. I knew of Gary Baseman from collaborations with street wear brand kidrobot. So, seeing Coach connect with this artist is right up my alley. Coach’s new image has me ogling over those Baseman bags. I would have never looked twice at a canvas logo covered brown Coach bag. The whole line is available in select Coach stores, online, and select retailers.

Smells Like… 3.1 Phillip Lim FW 2015













































… No, not Teen Spirit. 3.1 Phillip Lim brought the grunge game to the runway at New York Fashion Week yesterday. Oversized coats, plaid, and military vibes with hints of fur were seen throughout the Fall collection. Crimson red and grey dominated the color palette with some hints of tan and military green. Leather moto jackets and bombers accompanied the grunge vibe. Pulling it together were the asymmetrical hemlines, oversized sunglasses, and suede booties. Definitely loving this collection from 3.1 Phillip Lim. Watch a recap of the show from Elle. (Images via 3.1 Phillip Lim)

Mad for Plaid: Kate Spade FW 2015

All the looks from Kate Spade’s Fall/Winter 2015 runway collection are here. (I do not own this image.) This collection is all about plaid and oversized coats. Kate Spade also threw in a little pink. The pink trend seems as though it is here to stay. The furry accessories paired with plaid gives me a schoolgirl vibe. I’m loving the pastel pink long line coat. However from these looks, I’m not seeing any signature kitschy Kate Spade accessories.

B is for Balloons


Balloons, balloons, balloons! Continuing with the fashion related alphabet series is B for Balloons. Kate Spade’s latest collection has s few balloon themed items. My favorite being the ballon print shirt dress and the hot air ballon handbag. This print is perfect for Valentine’s and versatile enough for spring time. The dress and bag are pretty pricey but until tomorrow you can use the code SPR15BB and save up to $350 on your full priced order.

Why Makeup Wipes are The Devil via Refinery29

Refinery29 just posted this article on why makeup wipes may be doing more harm than good. Sleeping in your makeup is terrible for your skin. I’ve heard that every time you do, you age 7 days. I try to make a habit of taking off my makeup and washing my face every night before bed. Sometimes, I fall asleep without thinking about it. And by the time I wake back up, it’s already morning. Just taking off your makeup with a makeup wipe is terrible for your skin. You are essentially wiping all the dirt, makeup, and bacteria around on your face but not rinsing it off. Makeup wipes can also dry out your face. In the article, Refinery29 states that it’s like not using the rinse cycle on your washing machine. Yikes. What I try to do every night is use a makeup remover to take my makeup off, rinse my face thoroughly with a face cleanser, and sometimes I use my Clarisonic to remove excess dirt and dead skin. My skin is mostly void of impurities. I look young for my age, 27, and people are always asking when I graduate college or which school I chose. I accredit this to taking pretty good care of my skin. I’m not afraid to spend a little more on skin care or to try new products. Right now, I’m loving Biore’s Deep Charcoal cleanser. It doesn’t leave my skin oily or dry it out, and it’s also pretty inexpensive. As for makeup wipes, I tend to stick with Aveeno’s Ultra Calming Makeup Removing Wipes. They remove all my makeup easily and don’t dry out my skin. In hindsight, don’t go to bed before washing your face.

Kate Spade S/S 2015 Campaign




This Kate Spade ad campaign might just be my favorite to date. Featuring model Karlie Kloss and Iris Apfel for the upcoming Spring/Summer collection. I adore Iris Apfel. She is a style icon, and at 93 she proves age is only a number. Pairing model Karlie Kloss and Iris Apfel together for Kate Spade shows the versatility of the brand for young and old alike. Last year Kate Spade featured Anna Kendrick in casino themed ads. I can’t wait to see who else might star in upcoming Kate Spade collections!

Nars Audacious Lipstick Shades via Sephora

Sephora recently posted a swatch test of the latest Nars Audacious Lipstick shades. These new lipsticks from Nars will look great with any skin tone. I love bold and bright colors when it comes to makeup. So of course, Fanny(25) and Lana(15) would have to be my favorite shades from this collection from Nars. Each lipstick will run you $32 and are now available at Sephora.

How to Curl Short Hair With a Flat Iron

I recently cut my hair, again, to a short bob. I also attempted to color it a dark black blue. Because my hair is already so dark, it just looks darker with a bluish tint. I’m always looking for different ways to style my hair because usually it’s either straight or half up. When it was longer, my hair was able to be wavy with the blow dryer and some surf spray. I’ve tried almost everything to curl my hair, and it never turns out just right. My hair either has too many layers or it’s too short to curl. But then I watched this video Glamour Magazine posted on their YouTube page, and this looks fairly easy. The model in the video has about the same length of hair as me, and about the same texture. My hair is not naturally straight, and it’s also thick and frizzy. The stylist in this video makes loose curls by using a flat iron with a rounded edge. He then sections the hair and uses the flat iron to create the curls. This style looks fairly easy to create in a small amount of time. Definitely looking forward to trying this out soon. Watch the full video on how to create this easy to do look!