How to Sell Your Closet

How to sell your clothes online.

1: Have a good/accurate description.

I always try to find the description of the item I’m selling from the original retailers website. Google can be very helpful with this. I almost always provide a very detailed and accurate description of any item I’m selling. Having the name of the of the item that the retailer or designer gave it prong ally can help buyers when searching for your listing.

2: Take detailed photos.

Make sure you have multiple photos to show your buyer the item you’re selling. One picture is not enough. Make sure you show any flaws, if there are any. Get close ups and shots from different angles to show your buyer the details.

3: Package your sale nicely.

I shop more with companies that tend to package my items nicely and safely. I hate when I order something, and it hasn’t been wrapped or taken care of properly. For clothes and accessories I almost always put them in a poly bag to keep them clean, and/or wrap them in tissue paper. You can get free shipping supplies from USPS. So there’s no reason to not ship your item in the appropriate box. Always label your packages fragile if you don’t want them smashed, and wrap breakable items in bubble wrap.

4: Ship quickly.

I cannot stress this enough. Do not take forever to ship. Priority shipping with USPS is usually fairly quick. Once you make a sale, print the label immediately and package your sale. USPS also will pick up your item for free. I always ship my items same day or next day. One of the reasons I have such a high rating on both eBay and Poshmark.

5: Answer any and all questions in a timely manner, nicely.

Do not ignore messages or comments about an item you have for sale! Answer the question from the buyer to the best of your ability. Yes, some questions are repetitive, but you need to remember this is technically your business. The way you provide customer service will always affect your sales. Be nice, do not reply to buyers in a catty, rude, or snobby manner. This is not high school, you are an adult.

6: Rare items sell better.

I have found that the more rare the item you’re selling, the quicker the sale. People look for those coveted second hand items that are hard to find. If you’ve taken care of the item the better the sale.

7: Keep your rating up.

You can keep your seller rating up by providing good customer service in all aspects. Nice packaging, helpful answers, and timely shipping will give your closet more buyers and views.

8: Multiple listings in closet make more sales.

The more items you have for sale the more buyers you are likely to attract. No one wants to go to a store that sells one thing. With more items comes more sales, which in the end will boost your rating.

9: Always provide feedback.

Always follow up with sales and rate your buyer or reply to comments after the point of the sale. This will only help you with attracting more buyers and making more sales.

10: New/slightly used sell better.

No one wants to buy used ratty old clothes or clothes that say they’re new but in reality are not. Be fair to your buyer and give them the exact description on the condition of the item you are selling.

How did I start selling my clothes? One day I just started listing items on eBay. I tend to buy things that are one of a kind. I also take care of everything I own. All my clothes, shoes, and accessories are like new. This is because I take care of them. I rotate my closet quite often because I get bored with my wardrobe very easily. I’m always looking for the newest thing and keep up with trends. I cleaned (purged) my closet one day, and started listing items on eBay. That was over three years ago. It’s fairly easy to list items, so I thought why not. Who doesn’t want extra cash? Then I started making more sales so I started listing more items. I won’t disclose how much I’ve made on eBay but it’s quite a bit. More than I ever thought!
Then I discovered Poshmark. It’s an app where you can buy and sell clothes, shoes and accessories. You can list literally anything. From Target to Alexander Wang. It was super easy to list and sell, and Poshmark provides you with the shipping label. What I love about this app is that the seller fee is already built in. Also, more listings equals more sales. I’ve only been using this app for about a year but its such an easy way to make some extra money.
I’ve definitely thought about opening my own online boutique. I love selling my closet online. It’s so easy, and I’ve made quite a bit of money doing it. As of right now, I only sell my items on eBay, Poshmark, and Tradesy. I’ve also donated some of my clothes to The Fashion Project. You can cash in several items for gift cards to your favorite stores. In return your clothes help the charity of your choosing. If you’ve ever thought about selling clothes online, I’d say go for it! There are so many different apps and websites to help you do just that.

For the Love of the Run

A couple weeks ago, I ran my second half marathon. The Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco to be exact. I was lucky enough to have this experience among 25,000 other runners from all over the world. I’ll admit I was a bit aprehnsive coming into this race. My training wasn’t up to par, and I thought I’d be dying half way through the race. I started training for my first half marathon back in January. Running outside in the cold, sleet, rain, and snow helped toughen me up for any run. I ran the Indianapolis Mini Marathon back in May, my first half ever, and reached my goal under 2 hours with a time of 1:55:54. I was so happy that I reached my goal, but I’ll admit I was feeling tired towards the end. Next up, I was running the Nike Women’s 15K in Toronto in June. I only took a couple days off, which in the long run I feel was not the best idea. For the 15K I didn’t run as fast as I wanted to. I was tired and it poured down rain before the race, but I did alright with a time of 1:26:14. Throughout all of this I kept running and training. I ran a 5K and PR’d big in September. A month after that and two weeks ago I was off to San Francisco for my biggest race yet. The Nike race experience is such an awesome milestone in my opinion. Everyone is so welcoming, Nike Women and Nike Running are incredibly encouraging about everyone running the race, and there is so much energy coming into a race like this. 

Arriving in Francsico by myself, I was a little scared. I’ve visited before, but I don’t usually travel alone. However, I met up with and stayed with some other runners I had met via social media. Through these wonderful ladies I met tons of other runners and great people in and around San Francisco. Friday we roamed around, had lunch, and got accommodated at the hotel. Friday evening we all went to the NTC workout on the Embarcadero on the Pier. This was a pretty cool experience. Half the runners from the race all working out with Nike trainers in a warehouse turned massive makeshift workout studio on the pier. Best of all, this event was free if you registered with your race info. But from traveling all day, I was ready for bed.
Saturday morning we all met up in Union Square for the Nike Run Club shakeout run. I hadn’t run since Wednesday before flying out, and I felt this helped a lot with calming me down and getting me race ready. A quick two mile jog around the city with the Pacers and we were back. For the rest of Saturday, we roamed around the city hunting for the coveted Nike earrings and meeting up with other runners. Sadly, I only found two. A late lunch followed by some more running events we were all getting excited and a bit nervous about the race Sunday morning. 

Sunday morning 5:15am, it was go time. I hydrated a bit more, peed (duh), ate my pre-race Luna Bar and a cinnamon roll, got dressed, and did my makeup. Yes, I wear makeup during big races. Surprisingly it stays, all thanks to Urban Decay’s magical setting spray. Race morning I was excited but surprisingly not incredibly nervous, maybe because I was still half asleep at the crack of dawn. We made our way to Union Square, and I was at the line with ten minutes to spare. The energy surrounding this race was incredible and almost overwhelming. I set my playlist on my phone and pulled up the Nike + Running app. At exactly 6:32am, I crossed the line and began my second half marathon. I was feeling good and in a great mood, which is always key when you’re running. I had to remember to not overthink things, keep my form in check, and check my pace. Sometimes when I run, I tend to go off pace and run all over the place. This race I didn’t do that too much, which helped me keep fresh legs. I started slow and prepared myself for the several hills ahead of me. I was ready. I didn’t struggle too much with the first couple hills but the last few I was climbing them up. This set my pace back about a minute but I wasn’t trying to PR for this race. My goal was to finish and to have fun. When you’re running, you have to remember to get out of your head and just run it. After the big hill at mile ten, the downhill was pretty speedy. I was clocking a sub 8-minute mile the whole way down. I was feeling good, not tired, and my legs felt like I could run for days. The last 2 mile stretch into the Marina, I decided I’d give it all I had. I sprinted as fast as my body would let me. Finally crossing that finish line, was the best feeling. I was so proud that I ran so well, and never at any point did I feel like I needed to stop running. The signature blue Tiffany’s blue box made it that much sweeter. 

After the race, I made my way back ready to head home. I didn’t arrive back in Indianapolis until early Monday morning. I was tired but surprised my body or legs didn’t hurt after the race. The whole race I was thinking about my mom and all the people who have encouraged me to keep running. My mom is a coach and a runner, so every time I race I hear her voice in the back of my head. I used to hate running until a few years ago. Out of nowhere I decided to get in better shape, and see how far I could push myself. I made myself into a distance runner. I don’t have a trainer or even go to a gym. I run on the roads and work out in the space in my apartment. The only thing I have guiding me is the amazing feature in the Nike + Running app, the coach feature. And my mom, of course. Running does run in my blood, but I never thought I’d come to love the sport. Running is the best kind of drug. I’m already ready for my next race. Find me on the streets, running the night. Sometimes I’m the only crazy person running around this city. Stay tuned for my next race! (*All photos via Nike Women)

NYFW Schedule 2016

New York Fashion Week has officially begun, which means Fashion Month is upon us! Shows began around 9:30 AM Thursday morning with Nicholas K and will end next Thursday with Calvin Klein. Mercedes is no longer sponsoring NYFW, and Lincoln Center is no longer the main venue for all the shows. The contract between the two had expired early last year, serving as the main home for NYFW shows for five years. Bryant Park had been the spot for over seventeen years before that. In the spring of last year however, designers started to venture to new venues. Now, shows are mainly held in a venue upon the designers choosing. Notable, was Alexander Wang’s show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Attendees had to venture to the show by ferry. The aesthetic of the venue and AW’s collection proved for an overall amazing show. In the photo above you can see when every show will be. If you aren’t prestigious enough to be invited to fashion week, is streaming all the shows on their website. They have also created an app where you can directly watch the runway and get all the details surrounding the beginning of fashion month. NYFW is definitely my favorite time of the year, and I can’t go see what the designers bring for the Spring/Summer 2016 lines! 

Good Sport

Athleta and Derek Lam’s sportswear collaboration has finally been released! The line, which is Athleta x Derek Lam 10 Crosby, hit stores and websites Wednesday morning. This collection features sportswear for workout and everyday wear. The sporty chic trend only seems to be growing more popular with each passing season. Pieces are pretty minimal in shades of black, blue, and green. Tops, Jackets, leggings, joggers, and a limited edition New Balance sneaker are all apart of this collaboration. There are also several leather items, which mainly caught my eye. I’ll have to admit, when it comes to sportswear, I’m team Nike all the way. I’ve been all over the Adidas x Mary Katrantzou collection, and have always loved Stella McCartney for the brand as well. Athleta, The Gap’s activewear brand, has never really pegged my interest. But with this Derek Lam collection, I might have to add to my growing activewear collection. Prices for #DL10CxAthelta range from $64 to $498. The leather items being the more pricy as you may have guessed. You can shop the collection on Athleta and Derek Lam‘s websites, as well as select stores. What are your thoughts? Do you mainly stick with one brand when it comes to sportswear or are you always keeping up with trends? (Image via Derek Lam/ Athleta)

Walk It Out with Gigi HadidΒ 

W Magazine September cover star and model Gigi Hadid tells how she gets her inspiration for her runway walk. Taking inspiration from everday life and learning from the best in the industry, her fierceness resignates thought the fashion world. (video via M Magazine)

Dreaming of WatermelonΒ 


Today is #nationalwatermelonday, and let’s celebrate by getting this super cute cooler watermelon shaped bag from! Only $32, this bag can be multi functional. It’s perfect for summer, going to the beach, or even the gym. Defiantly adding this to my must have list! 

Workout with Karlie Kloss

Supermodel Karlie Kloss turns 23 today! Happy Birthday to this Victoria Secret Angel. In honor of her birthday and my love of running, above is a video via Self Magazine showing some quick and easy moves to get you warmed up for your workout. 

Vote for Me: Runner’s World Magazine Cover Search Contest

If you’ve been following me for awhile or know me personally, you’ve probably noticed I have been running a lot lately. I just completed my first half marathon, and beat my goal by five minutes! This was such an accomplishment for me, and now I can’t wait to find more long distance races to run. My next race is an amazing one. In June I’m running the Nike Women’s 15K in Toronto. This was my ultimate goal for this year. Train hard, run the Indy Mini, and make it to the Nike race. I was so ecstatic go to get selected from the lottery, because obviously I’m not an elite runner.

I used to loathe running. In high school I was a swimmer but we only ran maybe a mile at practice. I’ve had severe allergies and asthma since I was born, so running was never my favorite activity. As I’ve grown older, the asthma isn’t quite as severe but still occurs with exercise and some allergies. After high school I used to run a mile or two a few times a week, but nothing as serious as half marathon training. The past few years I’ve been running just to stay in shape, but ever since last winter I decided I’d set a goal for myself and amp up the training. I’m usually one of the few people in my town who runs regularly. Besides the runners in my family, I’m the crazy girl running in the cold, snow, wind, rain, and sleet. The love of the sport runs in the blood in my family. My mom was once sponsored by Brooks running, and she also won the Indianapolis Mini Marathon twice in her peak days. My brother and two sisters are also runners, my eldest sister taking after my mom. I’m nowhere near as fast as them, but again I hated running and haven’t been training since middle school. I only started running longer distances in the past year or so. When I got to the nine mile mark in my half marathon training, I started laughing hysterically. One from being dead tired, and two because I had never thought I could run that many miles in my life. But the mind is an extraordinary thing, if you set out to do something you can achieve it. 

Anyway, enough about how my love for running came about. Runner’s World Magazine is hosting a contest to feature a runner on the cover of their December issue. The contest comes with other perks but this in itself is rather amazing. To win or be considered, one must accumulate the highest number of votes. This is where I need EVERYONE’S support. All you have to do is vote for me on their website here. Then share and spread the word so I have maybe have a chance at getting picked! If you share my contest entry via social media use #RWCoverSearch and #396. It would be much appreciated and I will run for every vote! “If I stop running, how am I going to get home?”

The Great Closet Purge

       I’ve been so focused on running lately I have lost track of keeping a regular blog post schedule. After I revamp the look of the site and maybe change up my logo a bit, I’ll begin making regular posts. Anyway, I am currently purging my closet. I have hundreds, yes hundreds, of clothes and shoes in need of new homes. All the items I am parting with are either brand new or have only been worn once or twice. Plus, I take great care in my wardrobe so everything looks like I never wore it. I get bored very easily with my clothes and rotate my wardrobe every season, and then purge the closet maybe once a year. This closet purge has been a long time coming. I have items from the first Target designer collaborations. Lately, I’ve also been leaning towards buying things for my wardrobe that are higher in quality.  I’ve been selling my wardrobe on Poshmark. It’s easy to buy and sell. I have a very high rating and packages arrive in two or three days! So if you’re looking for some new clothes or shoes, please take a look at my closet on Poshmark! Offers are considered and please ask questions. As of today I have about 60 items listed but about 200 more coming. Plus, if you use my link you’ll get a $5 credit to shop!